Rip it good

posted on: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My fashion mantra when it comes to ripped jeans is keep it simple (cheap) stupid. And by that I mean don't go ripping your $300 Ksubi jeans. When it comes to fashion statements of the DIY kind, I always head to my local thrift shop or hunt online for a pair of reasonably priced denim; and by that I mean under $20. Forever 21 and ASOS are my picks for cheap denim; the fast fashion gods have spoken; Thou shall not rip your $200 Lee jeans! Theres no need to when you can pick up perfectly good denim at such a reasonable price point.

Currently I own about 5 pairs of their $10.80 Forever 21 classic denim jeans, all of which I have ripped, torn and worn to death. Trends come and go, and ripped denim is one trend that fluctuates as much as the seasons. I keep my good quality denim such as my Ksubi, Joes Jeans and Levis alone and experiment on jeans I won't be upset about if I ruin.

I don't have a disposable budget to chop up a pair of Bassike Lo-Slungs just because I feel like it, so I improvise. And the outcome is bloody brilliant.

Forever 21 jeans are that perfect balance of denim and stretch (perfect for girls with a booty) and rip and age in the most perfect way. A pair just turned up on my doorstep this morning thanks to Mr Postman, to which I am off to rip at the knees now.

Happy DIY-ing!


  1. I really want some ripped jeans, I love these!

  2. Agreed, a well worn pair of jeans makes for the best rips!

  3. I should definitely invest in some cheap denim to shred up. You're right, destroyed denim is such a come and go trend


  4. Sounds good! Love a bargain. :)


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